Need some quick advice about a girl that wants space.

A month or so ago I had an argument with my friend whom I have strong feelings for, it wound up with her not talking to me for a month. The argument was about how she got back together with her Ex and was going to great lengths to keep us from knowing about each other.

When we started talking again she said specifically these words "Broke up with him, severed ties." I give that a 90% sure she wanted me to say something, if anyone could chime in on that. She knows that I'm in love with her, at least I hope she remembers that I am; The friend she's been to me is irreplaceable and something I can't live without anymore. We only talk a little bit more for the rest of the night until the next day, where nothing sensitive is brought up. And the 3rd day she wants space, which I get if its about her breakup.

I am 100% clueless about what to do, I have no empathy so I have never been able to understand a person without them explaining things to me aside from the obvious crying. Should I take the time to tell her that; I'm pretty sure she and everyone else has no clue that I am this way. I mean is that a reasonable explanation to why I haven't seen her signals of interest in me if any? Obviously give her the space she wants but thoughts on what to do after that would be wonderful. I can't manage people for the life of me I can use all the help I can get.


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  • So she's taking her space. Which is good, because that means that if she's into you, you aren't a rebound. The fact you haven't answered her either shows her you're not going to be one anyway.

    Maybe send her a message to tell her that whenever she feels like it, you will be here for her.

    And let her take her time. She needs it to get back to thinking straight.

    If/when she comes back to talk to you, you'll have a better view on her true interests.

    Because honestly, if she was just seeing you as a friend, she wouldn't need space from you.

    Regarding your lack of empathy, if it's not natural, you can learn at least how to react in basic manners. Good literature (classic books) are full of characters and how they react.

    • Thank you that's enlightening advise but about the empathy, I know how to react to others' emotions if I know what they are, like I can't tell the difference between a happy face and sad face. I was wondering if that was one thing that I should explain to her since I have romantic interest in her.

    • The next time you have a long conversation, yes you should. It's part of the package, she should know about it.

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