How do I get him to come back to me after our "break"?

I wanted to take a break with my boyfriend, because we had been fighting for almost a month. He goes to community college and is going away next semester, so this is our last two months together. I basically couldn't, but a few days ago he called it off. He said he wants a month no talking, but we can see if we still want each other after the first of next month. (After he goes to visit this girl he used to like and is way too close of friends with). Thursday, three days after our split, I texted him.

Here's our convo, in sum

-I asked what he meant by break, if he actually meant break up. Because, if he meant break up, I didn't want to get my heart broken twice.

-He said one month, then see

-I said sorry for how I treated him.

-He said it was great and how I saw that and how he really wanted to see after the month.

- I said the break wasn't what was best for us, seeing that he is going away soon.

-He said if we couldn't do a month no talking, we wouldn't work in college.

-I said that I would rather break up completely (I had to explain this three times, what I meant)

-He said he would respect that

- I freaked out on him for just not loving me, then I said sorry for freaking out on him, but I really loved him.

No response.

Is there any hope?


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  • I don't think you damaged the relationship. AFter all, it is a delicate and emotional time for both of you; you could be excused for losing your cool.

    He has a month to think about everything, so just respect what he said, and see where you are after the month. After all, he's right, in the sense that if you can't stay together after a month, how are you going to stay together when he's away at college?


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