How do I get him back?

My ex and I were fighting a lot, and he has a lot of sh*t going on in his life and no time for me. He told me he needed a break, a month no talking. He's going away in two months, and I don't think this the right thing. It happened on Monday, I texted him Thursday. It started logically, that I wanted to clarify the break. Then I apologized, which he appreciated. Then I said I'd rather break up completely instead of getting my heart broken twice, he said he just wanted the break. I said the break wasn't right for us, he said if we couldn't do it now then we couldn't do it in college. He then said he respected my decision if that's what I wanted. Then I went off on him for not loving, no response, I apologized for freaking out and told him how much I love him.

No response.

Is there any hope for us? What can I do?
We got back together and broke up again.


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  • You need to let him do his thing in the mean time and be happy for him, he's got his own thing going on support him and let him know that you are there for him if he needs anything.


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