He left me because he was scared of commitment. Now he wants me back?

Me and my ex boyfriend were best friends for about a year before we admitted we liked each other and got into a relationship. We got together right before college and spent summer happy. We dated for about 3 months, but once college started and he was starting a law degree, he said that we needed to break up.

There was some fighting after the relationship and we didn't make any contact for a year. The other day he got in contact with me and said he wanted to talk. He told me about how breaking up with me was the worst mistake he has ever made and he wants me back, he has missed me since he let me go. He said he was scared of commitment but he is not anymore.

We are both only 20 years old, I am almost 21. What is he thinking? Will he back out again?


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  • You have to be careful here. He might just wanna hook up for a booty call, or he's sincere.

    Either way, take it easy. Ask him if you can go slow and start as friends if that's what you want. That way you can see if he's sincere and he has the chance to show you this and gain your trust. Maybe you'll get back together and things will be better then ever, maybe not. However this would be doing things the hard and time consuming way and I can't garantee you won't get hurt.

    The easy way to approach this is just ignoring him and move on.

    There's always a chance exes get back together and have a great future ahead of them. But this really depends both the persons involved and the situation. It's more common that you both end up getting hurt again but sometimes, if the previous relationship was great, it's definitely worth a shot. But this will be a new relationship, don't build on the past but start anew.


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