Help! This guy I have a crush on blew me a kiss, how do I handle it?

I have a huge crush on my boss I got some good advice on here from girls and guys.. now we are cool he's actually a sweet guy but today I was blown away when he got ready to go home he blew me a kiss what the hell! I was so surprised all I could do is smile and wave goodbye I was afraid to do it back. He is amazing I can't believe it I thought I was dreaming. We are always professional but we do flirt back and forth but he avoids me when the other manager is there she was there yesterday but not today and he was able to express himself a little bit more I would love to be with him I would go to a different store if we get together Help! I need advice on this one!


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  • Just take things lightly. Angels fly because they take things lightly. Blow him the kiss back...

    But keep the kisses long distance!

  • Dodge before it hits you! Otherwise you'll get cooties.


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