Had a baby and then he cheated

So I just had a baby 6 months ago and I've been on and off w his dad foe 10 years we were searious again I have a 3 year old as well ww were living together and some stuff happend he had to move home w his mom couldent be around the kids for a bit we planned on working on our family and I broke up with him again but we both knew it wasent over his brother had a party and he got very waisted and went out for a smoke some random girl followed him and she kissed him

.. he ended up sleeping with her on the coutch. Said she wasent attractive he doesn't know why he did it got up and walked away We got back together (not that we wernt together still really) he dident tell me intill I dug for it he hid it Because he said he knew he would loose me I'm devistated ... my question is how many men acthually do this aftera new baby and he says he truly loves me ... am I being dumb beleving it


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  • lol, he's doing chicks on the sofa in front of you, sounds like a sleazy dad and bad role model to his own f.ucking kid


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