Can a guy be interested in another girl only a month after a break up?

I met a guy on a sort of dating site, he says it's just for meeting new people (which I agree, but still). Him and his ex girlfriend broke up a month ago, still good friends and used to live together so things were quite serious. He hasn't mentioned her to me, but we have a mutual friend. We text daily, and if we don't text we talk on Facebook. There's a little flirting but not that much. Opinions on this?


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  • Sure, the ''getting over someone'' phase doesn't last the same for everyone, some people move on faster than others. But still, if you think he might be interested I'd take things reaaally slow if I were you, you know, just in case

    • Yeah, I will, we've only seen each other once very briefly but we do hear each other every day. I just don't fancy being a rebound. Thanks for your reply!

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  • Yes, easily.

    • Maybe I should've put it there as well, but not just as a rebound?

    • Not just as a rebound.

    • Thanks for your answer!

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