Having a hard time getting over being dumped by girl I liked

i haven't really been able to get over the whole thing and have been having a tough time coming to grips with what happened and I've had a month or so to digest the break up . maybe if it was mutual or she had sat down and talked to me about things it wouldn't of been so bad but yeah its tough to get dumped when you still like the girl .

are there ways to better deal with this ? how do I deal with my feelings


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  • I'm having a hard time getting over my ex too. Our break up was a complete surprise and we both didn't see it coming at all. He says we can still text each other and what not and still be friends. -__-

    What I do is "try" not to think about them. We still text every now and then. But when I really want to text him how I feel, I send those messages to myself. It helps a little. But I really wish I could send it to him instead.

    It's really hard at night because all I think about is that I could be snuggled up next to him instead of all alone in bed. I am constantly thinking about him. Like does he ever still think about me? Will he ever want me back? And so on..

    But I guess we both got to give it some time.. it'll pass.


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  • Jim Chapman on YouTube. "HOW TO GET OVER A BROKEN HEART!"

    its absolutely hilarious and it has a lot of truth to it. If nothing else it will distract you for three and a half minutes.


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