Facebook drama or cheating?

My boyfriend has had fb since before we were together 4yrs now...he has cheated on me before once. Now we live together and he likes to watch these girls on fb that have he doesn't know...these girls have awsosome bodies! Is this normal and is it OK ? Shouldn't he delete them since me and him are now together?...he has plenty of girls that are actually plans but those ones I really don't care. Help!


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  • What? You let him do this? I would never even consider doing this to my girlfriend. I'm sorry, but this is not okay. I feel like if a relationship is going to be worthwhile, both people should be mindful of how the other feels. I honestly think that if he has cheated before yet he continues to show that he isn't really done with his ways, then he shouldn't be worth your time.

    • What about the fact that...its in the nature of men to look at other girls...I know for a fact he does not contact them but he likes their pics...I do feel as he gets obssesed since he'll like all of their pics. I know so cause I hacked his fb account. After he cheated I started having self steem isses that I'm surely getting over.

    • It might be in our nature, but the good amount of us have respect for women and especially for the women we are committed to. I admit, I'm toward the extreme-end for a guy, but I honestly feel bad checking out girls other than my girlfriend if I ever do. I try not to check other girls out as it's just rude and I feel like a girl should be able to go out in public or have a Facebook and not get eye-raped. Idk, he doesn't sound lie he's worth the time and effort.

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  • He's cheated on you

    but you're still together

    and now he's acting sketchy with other girls on Facebook?

    Why are you still giving this guy the time of day? Because he obviously isn't giving it to you.


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