What do you think of this email I sent to my ex?

So I'm feeling like an idiot

I got badly injured after bad breakup with ex boyfriend. I was convinced that he left me for my friend. I got in a brutal car accident after was badly injured and its been horrible.

Finally hear from him

we were speaking back and forth about what happened why didn't he help me after accident

his last message was some bs about how people were telling him not to help me

anyway I didn't know what to say

So I said something like- I don't know whst to say. I haven't changed. Your hot. Do what you got to do.

Am I crazy for sending this?

Yes. He hurt me very badly

He is actually attacking me

Then it moved into the topic of the past

Its not good to rehash it

so I said that instead
Do you think it pyshed him farther away?


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  • Yes. Look if you two broke up and he doesn't want to help or be a significant pat of your life anymore, you are going to continue suffering because you still are wanting him to be in your life. The first step in getting over someone is acceptance that it is over and that you should not pursue them anymore. I suggest looking up something called "The Five Stages Of Grief" it is useful in these situations.


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  • what a d.ick he is, even if I broke up with my ex, I would at least help them out if they got into an accident...unless, she did something horrible like cheat on me, and if that's the case, let the b.itch die.

  • Who cares. He didn't come to your aid after your accident. You are broken up. he "attacks" you. Let it go.

  • It didn't seem to make sense were you drunk or high on medication or what


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