What do you think about my anger?

The past few days, I've just been full of rage. Actually, I've been feeling all kinds of bad emotions: sad, hurt, angry, depressed, envy, whatnot. This was a year ago, but I've been angry at my ex for cheating on me and at the guy she's with. I'm angry at the girls who I am friends with, for them being in a relationship; I'm pissed off that I'm not in a relationship, and I'm angry because of the fact that I have feelings for them. People at work noticed there was something wrong with me, but I wouldn't tell them or talk about it. I'm angry at all of this homework I have to do for college. I'm angry that I'm angry. I'm angry at my parents for not being better parents in the past. I'm angry that I'm alone and for the fact that I have to tell my thoughts on the internet.

Im just so angry about everything. I feel like I just want to be an a**hole to everyone and be violent. I really wanted a reason to just fight someone today.

Any little thing makes me angry. It's like I AM anger. I am angry when people just talk in general. I am angry about society and their views and values. You know what, you might as well say that I am angry at EVERYTHING. And I'm not sure if I LIKE being angry or if I don't like being angry. I'm kind of pissed off that I'm not as happy as I used to be. I used to be happy for no reason at all. Now I'm just angry at life.

I have really wanted a girlfriend, but I've been trying so much the past year and nothing happened, that I've really just given up on trying. I also get pissed off at being jealous of others, pissed that I can't stop being jealous. I'm pissed off at the girls who are envying and obsessing over these other guys.

If any of this matters, I am smart and attractive. I like to read and write. I write books for fun.

I really don't care about cures or causes but... your thoughts?

I don't know how to feel, so I'm just going to drink a beer and see how that works out.
Im feeling better... listening to classical music while writing my essay. I'm relaxed and content and comfortable. Accepting that it's okay to be alone.


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  • Well at least you're aware and honest about it. I guess one way to change things up would be to discuss these feelings with someone you actually know and trust enough to open up to.

    You're angry and passionate about it, but I don't think you like being angry at everything, because you are after all looking for ways to get relief. Maybe just kick back, relax and imagine your true goals in life, and then spend some time understanding why this is important to you and how you could reach that goal.

    Last resort. Look at cute animals on YouTube.

    • I talk to a school psychologist. I'm feeling much less angry now--but I feel more sad and depressed. I'm just trying to learn to relax too.

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  • you need to write a letter explainign every little thing that makes you angry and go yell it as loud as you can somewhere deserted to vent, doesn't matter how stupid it is just yell it and exhaust yourself then take a long hot shower and watch a movie

    • Well writing it here kind of helped.

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  • I think you need to work on learning how to deal with stress in a more productive way.

    • How? By working on things bit by bit?

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    • How do you eat a 4000 lb elephant? One bite at a time

    • hahaha. true. true.

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