Was this the right move or not?

Right so I was walking with a friend out the doors of my university when I dumped into a girl that used to be in my class. Let me prefix this by saying I had a major 'crush' on her in first year. She later left my course, basically never came back for second year etc etc. Anyway, I was out the door and I saw her smoking with a mate - I talked to her generally but I didn't stop (late for a class). I felt bad about not stopping, so I messaged her on Facebook to meet up sometime for a catch up.

So long story short - was this an acceptable idea or am I reaching a bit here. Bare in mind I like her and I get the sense there might still be something there (wishful thinking probably).


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  • If you guys used to hang around before she left, then it's totally acceptable

    • Seen message, no response - she found it 'weird' right?

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    • She responded - we're on!

    • yay! :)

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