What do I do about this girl?

I will try to keep this brief as I could write a book on this girl but just want to get some advice from people from a neutral perspective. Basically I have known her for 2yrs and we got very close (friends) around a year back. I told her how I felt, she said I caught her by surprise and could I give her time, I gave her time, she admitted she liked me but couldn't see it going anywhere so we remained friends. This wasn't easy as I was aware of her seeing other guys and one in particular was in the picture but he told her he wasn't really interested yet she stayed chasing him. I tried backing away which she didn't want but told me she would to spare my feelings, however the problem was she would constantly come up with dilemmas and issues that she needed to talk to me about, this always involved meeting for drinks and reverting the conversation back to my feelings and asking how I was doing before saying she was confused but reminding me she could never see me as more than a friend. I have recently come to a point where I have just accepted the friendship (and come to realize when she is just seeking attention and when she is actually upset) and we strangely have become closer again to the point where she was initiating contact a lot more and even flirting and constantly play fighting with me and similar which she never used to do. Again I tried not to read too much into this as her moods, and her behavior changes by the day towards me but last week she took it one stage further by really harshly calling me a loser when I picked her up a bar of chocolate after she had a bad day. It wasn't in her usual jokey way but I just shrugged it off and said OK and took the chocolate back. She then chased after me and was apologising and I received a further few messages on my phone saying she felt really bad and that she had intended it to be funny but that it came out wrong. I just said no worries again and that it hadn't upset me (it hadn't it had annoyed me) so last week was awkward but she again stepped up contact and even bought me chocolates and left them on my desk (we work together). We were getting on OK until today when I went in and she told me wanted a chat and then told me that she saw the guy from months ago over the weekend and that she was upset as he had been pestering her (it turns out that she was pestering him and he wasn't interested and she became a bit of a joke between him and his mates). She admitted that herself and ended it with "well you can't help who you fall for can you?". It sounds a simple enough question but what advice would you guys and girls give to this situation? I was doing OK and whenever I am moving on she seems to pull me back and hates it if any other girls show me attention, I could play her games to make her jealous back but I don't as I don't want to get into childish games plus I don't like seeing her getting upset. Sounds stupid but for some reason I am struggling to move on with this girl, any advice would help plus bear in mind I have to see her on a daily basis in work.


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  • You kiss her.. that's what.


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