Ex unblocked me from Skype, could it mean anything ?

We broke up few months back and she blocked me cause I became kind of mad that she left me for someone else. Anyways, I found out she unblocked me yesterday, but hasn't said anything to me, it's going to be my birthday in few days, and our if we were still dating diversity of 2 years ;s

Ps, last time we talked she said she wouldn't talk to me until I had no hope of getting back together and had moved on, which I told her would be never.

I'm not sure if I should say anything or wait for her to send me a msg.


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  • Nope. Please don't do anything about it. Just cos she unblocked u, doesn't mean you have to go crawling back to her. You did say she left you for another guy, hence, chances are she broke up with the guy, or having probs with that guy, and now she's looking for you for a rebound. Girls tend to do that. But if she does Skype u, be nice and accept. Just as a friend. Show her that you're in control. Unless you want her back. Then, by all means, tell her.


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