I really need someones UPMOST OPINIONS on how I can say this to my ex.


Im watching YouTube videos on why men cheat.

I know my ex boyfriend was cheating..lol watch these videos

Video 1: Travie williams on how to cheat on your girlfriend (funny)

Video 2: Interview on a man who cheats

Yea its all fun and games but hurting someone whose been down for you. Whose given you their all... (All because you didn't want to hurt them..?) I would respect him so much more if he were honest beause that lets me know you care about my feelings and we are true friends. I've had other boyfriends before but I stuck with this guy for a couple of years we met in college.

Now before I get into my text to him I have tried getting in shape I went from a beer gut to having my own 6 pack. I am beautiful but truly I don't feel that way inside sometimes. I either feel like a man just wants me for my body. And I feel like just having affairs with men (which I don't) Cause I truly only believe now that money is my happiness. But that's not how I was raised I'm someone who wears their heart on their sleeve...anyway

I really want to send him a text saying this:

" I know you may never admit to your cheating but we will never get back together. I know you cheated on me and you have ruined my trust with other men. Its not fair that you have to carry your burrdons onto me... *I just want to tell him how I truly feel, He will always want to check up on me etc etc I'm DONE I'm tired and hurt I trusted a man and did not listen ;'( please I really would like feed back. Thank you

My text ** Its been almost a Year that we've been broken up but time and time again he's trying to get me to beg for him** He's a player! why is he trying to be friends with me...? He lives on the east side I'm not going to move out there or visit him!


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  • I wouldn't send him that. That's good for you to vent and release but don't send it to him. the best way to get rid of him is to just block all attempts at him trying to check up on you and get back with him. Don't get sappy and emotional with him because he doesn't care. it's the worst pouring your emotions to a man who won't give a sh*t anyway. if he even deserved your deep emotions then he never would have hurt you like that in the first place. don't boost his ego by making him feel important. You can block people's numbers so you won't see him contacting you. every time he tries to contact you just do not respond. men hate being ignored more than anything.


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  • Maybe he has actually changed. People change you know. Not from past experience, but I have seen it with some of my friends. If he's begging for you he actually Loves you.

    How old is he? And he's cheating? For sure for sure?

    It's your decision on what you wanna do.

    • Hes NOT really begging.. but he tells me he's had dreams about me blah blah blah everything from my uncle step father my real father to my uncle tells me how guys try to creep back into your life when they realize trash didn't want them... he's 21 and when I went back with him... and went to the doctors.. CHEATING! for sure for sure... I didn't do anything... lol

    • wait he slept with someone else and gave you a disease?! Are you serious?! Yea that's a big no no! Forget him.

  • You do not text him at all. You have to let him go and stop obsessing about him.


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  • why are you bothered by a player? why would you waste your precious time on a douche bag,move on and look for non players

    • he claims he's not a player...lol but because I feel in love with him not his alter ego. ya know. plus because no ones given me that attention he has before he's protected me too and stood up for me I guess I just never had someone like that before that's why I feel the way I do with him but you're right as well

  • You need to free yourself of him. As long as you think along these lines you won't. Block and him everywhere. Give yourself a hall pass. Do what you lease and embrace your accomplishments. There are many.

    He is still playing you. Find some back bone and rise above it .

    Take it from someone who has been there


    • hes annoying -_-

    • ive noticed a little longer afterward that his friends are following via twitter or instagram earlier in the summer this guy who claims to hate my ex came over and we spoke but he brought up my ex... but my ex even added me on instagram but I'm not following him on ig I'm about to block his ass right now

    • He is not only a douche, he may very have some personality disorders too. Stay away

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