Should I talk to my ex?

I broke up with him about 5 months ago, he had a temper, didn't put effort into the relationship, was saying some horrible things etc.

Since then a lot has changed. I've gone away, and won't be back in his area until after new year. He's tried contacting me a bit since I went away, but doesn't really bother with a conversation,just says something random or that he misses me. He's already told me he wants to catch up when I return. He hasn't contacted me in about 2 weeks, the last time I initiated contact with him was about 2 months ago, I've been nice but haven't encouraged him cause I know I can't have the relationship without change, and I don't think hell do that so I don't want to lead him on.

I feel torn, I want to talk to him but at the same time, he's my ex and said some horrible stuff...what do I have to say? I don't know what to do or feel and need some advice.


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  • Love sees no boundaries. If you really love, then go ahead...


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  • i don't quite get it , clarify more so I can help you , you broke up with him ? because of some reasons , but he tried to contact you and told you that he misses you , so what is the big deal of contacting him? he has already mentioned that he is not over you or anything ? when did he say horrible stuff ? when you first broke up with him ? if that is the case it was probably he was hurt that you left him and had nothing really to do with you , he didn't mean it

    • Sorry if I'm not making sense haha, it's quite late here and I guess I'm more thinking aloud.

      He did some horrible stuff while we where together. He blow up at me over nothing and say stuff no one ever wants to hear from their partner. I feel like if I contact him, I'm letting myself down in a way by accepting behavior like that. I also feel like I'm leading him on cause I can tell he's still interested. I can't take him back without change, which I don't think has happened.

    • mmm yes , I get it now it is somehow complicated , okay , when he contacted you after break up and saying that he misses you , did he mention anything about changing his previous behavior ? I think you should just wait and meet him when you get home town and see what will happen

  • I think you should just move on from him, forget about it, and make it clear that you'd like to be friends nothing more, he's hurt you by saying horrible things, if he'd had any respect or cared for you in the first place he wouldn't of acted that way (and don't let him tell you that he acted that way because he cared because that's to bullshit), i think he's just missing not being in a relationship , not you. He probably just wanted to booty call you. Its been two weeks, if he really wanted you back he would of made more of an effort!!! Be strong and move on and be with someone who respects and values you !!


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