On a break, I feel like I understand and want to make up. Okay to message her?

Almost a week ago my girlfriend and me talked about some of the problems we're having, especially the fact that I haven't treated her as my girlfriend lately and that hurts her. She told me that we should have a break and I agree.

Now that we've had some space I understand why I've been so distant and negative lately. We never really talked before and that made me cram every little irritation inside. I should've just talked to her earlier.

I feel kinda refreshed now and think I'm ready to make things up with her! The problem being that she's basically the one who initiated the space so I'm not sure if that's okay and I'm pretty sure it's too soon.

Would it be okay however, to send her one message that tells her that if she wants to talk about things, I'm ready and she only has to give me a call. Just that, nothing else.

Or should I wait for a few weeks?


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  • I've been in your situation. Though on my break we kept in contact. The break did more harm to our relationship than healed it. It almost ended it if I had wanted to. I loved her and I stuck to it.

    unto your question. My girl ended it. And we talked about what that meant. We keep in contact, but not as much. I ended up blowing up her phone. It was just that hard to stop. Than one day something happened. Emotionally my heart simply felt crush. A cold relief swept me and I suddenly felt like I could move on. Her name was now just a name and her face was just a face and everything tasted how it was suppose to.

    Soon it was the fourth weak I had talk to her and she messaged me out of the blue. The crushed feeling felt like it was lifting (Like a rock). only a little.

    I think it would be best to let her message you. Though I also would say that you at least contact her once and say, hey. Don't bring up anything about the break and where you go from there. Just casual conversation. If she seems uninterested than that's your cue to let her message you after that.

    Ive come to know that Breaks are those points in a relationship that happen that decided to

    End the relationship

    Or make It twice as strong as it was.

    • Wow thanks, I think I'll wait until at least a few more weeks have passed. I'll send her a message a week before Christmas if nothing happened until then.

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    • thx, I'm just a bit afraid she thinks about everything in a wrong way because she doesn't truly know why I acted the way I did. But I guess space is the one and only thing she wants right now.

    • Once she decide to contact you, can work all the complicated and unsaid words out. If your like me you'd be simply happy she is talking to you. Listen to her and see where it goes from there.

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  • i agree on the message , it is so briefed and okay ! but I see that if you want it to be way more effective you should wait more one more week , then she will probably be missing you too and willing to reply ,

    • I'll wait a bit longer thanks!

  • Yes, send her that , but if she's still not ready, then give her some more time.

  • Hmm well since she asked for the space she is the one who needs to be ready. So give it a little more time and then you can send a message saying You would like to meet for coffee and talk if she would be interested. simple but yet you will get a chance to talk in person about it. good luck :)

    • Your right, she needed the space more then I did so I think I should wait.

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  • "She told me that we should have a break "

    That means she wants to break up but is too cowardly to do it herself. Just so you know...

    • Nah we talked that day and that was the last thing she wanted. It might happen depending on how I handle this ofc.

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