Need some help on what to do, confused!

Ok so I'm 21, He's 24.

We broke up a month ago because he said he didn't love me anymore, I don't exactly know what he meant by that because a week later he was crawling back saying he still loved me etc.

I didn't straight away take him back and he also said when he gets his farm job out of town we can move in together and be together because everyone is all up in our business where we are. Which is true. So he said we were single but the only people were sleeping with I each other, which I didn't mind. We had sex twice while this was going on. He then starts backing away from me so I start getting needy and wanting him more and more, we both said some very nasty stuff to each other, he ended up changing his number and blocking me off face book. He's still friends with my sisters on there, plus my sisters a hair dresser and He's always hitting her up for hair cuts and also He's text my friends his new number but specifically says don't give it to me, what's he trying to do? I really do love him and I want him back. What could I do?
its been 3 weeks still no contact, his mate who he lives with always texts me, I just want him back, I've got his new number, but haven't text him. my mate gave it to me, what shall I do?


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  • A Guy who says he dosnt love you is nothing to have Even if he comes crawling back, forget about him he is an ASS , how Can you want him back , he is playing eith your feeling trying to mess you up and you still want him, what you could do is to get some sence in your mind ( not trying to be mean ) but seriously there are so many guys you Can pick and you still want that thing? But you do what's best for u, but by taking him back you would be more stupid than him for accepting what he did, just beeing honest to you mabe I'm beeing a bit aggressive with words but I can't help it cause the fact that you Even consider taking that back . Hope you make the right choice and that is to move on there is no other good choices sorry but its true


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  • As soon as possible, have a meeting with him, and maybe with your sisters as well, to just clear te air and see where he wants to go with your relationship now. He sounds confused, to say the least...but that's not irreparable.

    • Update: OK, propose a meeting with all interested parties, as I suggested.

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  • Do you find it fair that he is messing with your head? That he keeps saying one thing and then sending a whole different message.Love is based on actions not words.If he really wanted to make it work he would prove it by trying to show he really cares.If he doesn't even give it a chance I would basically just move on for good.I'm sure he will come crawling back when he thinks to himself let me hit this girl up because I know she can't resist me.Do you want to be his door mat?Or do you wanna show him what he missed out on because he didn't even try?I wish you luck and hope you make the right choice because you deserve a love that isn't feeling like your being punished for it.


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