Help me out my dilemma?

I'm in a relationship with this really sweet guy for over a year now but we've lost the was never a sexual one because I wanted to take a new approach to relationships- he has said that he was only sexually involved once and hasn't been since the young lady left him scarred for life.

But I've been feeling like something was missing and he no longer turns me on with his kisses or touches. and because of that I started reading a lot of erotica hoping that maybe it would spice things up a such luck there.

Then recently I started having these extremely erotic dreams where I wake up extremely turned on but the guy in my dream is not my boyfriend but rather my ex. Needless to say I am somewhat disturbed because although I know I am not over him- the ex (since he was my first love, first kiss, first get the point) I Haven't thought about him in a very long time...i thought I was actually moving on with my life and maybe I am.

the thing is I'm not sure if I am dreaming about my ex because I think I need to get some and he was the last person I had sex with or that after a year it might be time to break out the sexy underwear with my current boyfriend. but honestly after all this time I have to say that option one appeals to me the most...option 2 not so much...which brings me to my other I stringing my boyfriend along or do I just need to work on spicing things up a bit?

honestly sometimes I see my currently relationship more as a friendship than a committed relationship and I worry that I am going to hurt a really nice guy


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  • I hope that you see the irony in your situation.


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