Girl flakes, should I text her back?

I had chased this girl for a little bit, about a month or so ago. We met each other at a party, reconnected from high school, seen each other at a different get together exchanged numbers.

I asked her to a coffee date, she flaked, I do believe her excuse this first time lmao. So we rescheduled, she flakes...I let her be for about a week, we happen to be having a party, so I invited her, she didn't show up.

It was cool you know I just let it go no hard feelings or anything.

after about a month like I said, she texts me out of the blue wanting to know what I was up to... I told her I was just later I make conversion after a day or so, mention going to a bar because my friends and I were going that night, she decides to show up, we talk do the normal stuff...she asks me to walk her to her car, I didn't even try anything, plus she was in chill clothes not like I'm trying to impress clothes you know, she didn't take a drink when I oftered.

We talked about our dogs like we always do when we see each other, the idea of us taking them for a walk came up, she seems to be a real sweet girl, doesn't do a lot out of the way, still lives with her parents.

I figured that would be easy for her you know, through out the week we set a date, she was just suppose to get back to me with the time.

She didn't get back to me which was fine because I just did my normal day to day stuff anyway. She text me tonight ( the walk was suppose to be eariler today) saying she was so sorry, that she forgot, and called herself a loser.

So should I text back, saying it's all good, it happens? or not text back? or what lol give me your idea


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  • Don't waste your time
    She's playing with you as long as you keep biting the bait she will flake
    Just do your thing and go see another girl

  • So she pretty much flaked three out of four times? If it were me that'd be the end of my pursuit.


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