What to do when you live with a guy and you about to lose your mind?

My friend moved in with this guy too soon. They been dating a year and she is about to lose her mind. She stay around him 24/7. She said nothing ever goes right and honestly she's about to go to crazy. Should she move out and move on? They are basically crashing


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  • She has possibly made a basic mistake by staying around him 24/7.

    Healthy relationships don't do this. People need time apart, especially the men. This is often counter intuitive to women, who often resent it when men pull away and need time for themselves on their own.

    But without it, this sort of thing happens.


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  • Counselling, or move out. Those are the only two viable options.

  • Um yes she should move back home, if all they do is fight. Clearly that relationship is not good for them.


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