Why does he tell me about his ex?

I have known this guy about 2 months and we have been texting almost everyday since we knew each others' phone number.

We got to know each other by now but I still don't understand what's in his mind.

He tells me a couple of girls who had relationship with him or just dated. He usually talks about the things that made him too difficult to keep the relationship.

I think he kinda likes me(I hope I haven't gone too far.) and I like him as well.

So Guys, why do guys tell about their ex or past relationships that didn't go well?


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  • My guy had a really bad past relationship before me I was the first girl since her and he had a hard time starting anything again so we are still taking it slow but the fact that we talk about what we didn't like in our past relationships is making us stronger nothing is wrong with it as long as he can move past that relationship. So just be patient and go with the flow :)


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