Guys! My ex says he wants to get back together but slowly?

Me and my ex have been seeing each other during this break up which has been about a month and a half we would have sex and I would end up spending the night and we would cuddle but after I would leave it would be no contact between us two unless I texted him if I text or called him he would respond to me it's just other than me reaching out to him or if I wouldn't reach out to him at all a couple days could go by before he would reach out to me and that was usually for us to have sex and new spend the night

Well yesterday on Facebook I posted I was going to the gym minutes after he post the same well due to a job meeting it took me a couple hours to get to the gym so anyways shockingly enough he was there well once I started working out he came next to me and starting working out long story short I ended up leaving with him to his house and we sat and talked about random things eventually we ended up having sex :/ I.couldn't help it I.know I'm wrong for it considering we aren't together well after everything I asked him do you love me and he told me yes that he promises and that he misses everything we did together

He dropped me off back at the gym and due to all that happened it slipped my mind to.ask him what was going on with me and him so minutes later I worked up the nerve to call him and I told him exactly how I felt that I still had feelings for him but I needed to know if it was have them there or did I need to get over them because I didn't want to be just hanging around waiting for him to want together he replied that he wanted to.start talking again taking as in get back together but slowly

Since we already have a history and know each other I find it hard to do so like how do I go about this? What does he mean? Do I.hold back on feelings? Do I keep a minimum? Do I refrain from trying to spend time with him?

When we were with each other that night it felt like it did the first time we saw each other...I.can feel all if the chemistry it's so thick I.can grab it and I can see his feelings for me in his eyes so I know he wants this but how do I take on all of these factors...slowly?


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  • maybe he felt that he still likes you and feels something deepn inside him that tells him he wants to be with you but this time he is maybe wanting to do things right with you.

    • Oh OK I see...because when we first hit together it was definitely quick were talking two weeks were were taking and got together so by right do you mean by like going on dates here and there and I'm a way starting from scratch?

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    • I think he doesn't know what he wants anymore

      It feels like the only reason he want you is for only sex and don't want a relationship

      Just like sexbuddys

    • Ok so what do you think I should do now? Should I just tell him when he's ready let me know? And to not call me back over anymore until he is? Should I give him a couple weeks or a month to do so? I know that sounds terrible me waiting on him but unfortunately I'm still crazy about him :/

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