What should I do about my ex?

So me and this guy were dating for a couple months...everything was going amazing. He was single for 2 years before he met me. I was the first girl to ever meet his family, he wanted to see me everyday, and I thought he really cared about me. But out of nowhere he ended things with me. There was no signs at all, it was literally out of nowhere...

Anyways, after we broke up we didn't talk for a couple weeks, then we strted talking again. We hung out, everything was going great, but then after a couple weeks of us 'hanging out', he just stopped talking to me.

Then again a couple weeks after that, he started talking to me again. It was the same cycle we started hanging out again, but then after a couple weeks. He stopped talking to me.

Now AGAIN same thing happened, and now he just stopped talking to me.

I honesty really care about him. But I think it's time for me to move on. Am I right?

Why is he doing this?

Btw by 'dating' I meant like boyfriend-girlfriend, he offically asked me to his girl


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  • Ask him what's going one and that you need to test the waters before being his Girl again.


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