How to get over and move on?

I broke up with my ex about 6 months ago, he liked another girl (two timed me too, hugged her and went on dates) so I let him go to her. shortly after they got together. and I decided to just check on his Facebook, and saw he was in a relationship status thingy with her and he labelled her as My Girl <3 . I knew about them and how he felt for her for a long time, but seeing this in person just makes it so dificult for me. I've been crying, shaking terribly and trembling and I just feel absolutely cold. does this means I Haven't but need to accept this and move on? if yes, please tell me how. I've been meeting new people and stuff but every time I can't help but compare them to my ex, no matter how good looking they are compared to my ex. I really need help. it's been 6 months already and I'm still like this


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  • Aw bless you, it sounds like you are quite young, which is good and I can tell you what I have experienced. I have recently been through the same thing, I know it sucks.

    To put it simply this guy is a jerk. Why? Because he was dating her when he was with you. How dare somebody treat you like that. I am telling you now this relationship with this girl won't last because this guy is just messing around. Men do not mature until at least 27-28 and generally are not looking to stay with the same girl.

    He has not valued you or respected your feelings at all which tells me he is immature, and a waste of your precious time.

    You deserve someone better and someone that matches you.

    Now here is what you do, right now. Go onto Facebook and delete him. I know it is drastic but constantly being updated on how amazing his life is with her is only going to keep putting you through a vicious cycle of pain. Trust me, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I had to do it with my ex and I was a lot better off for it. Cut him out of your life right now. Delete his number, delete emails, delete all text messages.

    Think about you now, and please do not blame yourself for not being able to keep him. Let yourself heal. Write yourself a list of all things you have wanted to do in life whether they be big or very little write them all down. Focus on completing one of these things each day. Could be having a hot chocolate or writing a story or designing a website.

    In addition another tip, help others that need you. There are people out there that are suffering from all sorts of things and need someone to show them some kindness. I started volunteering after my break up and helping others changed my perspective on life. I was too busy trying to please these guys all the time that treated me like dirt, and I realized I had valued gifts that were being put to waste, where my time could be better spent helping others.

    Now tell yourself everyday, I'm a lovely, beautiful, charming, intelligent girl. Act with grace and maturity something your ex clearly does not have. Have fun. Stop thinking about him, think about you! :)

    • aww the first 2 paragraphs already made me bawl my eyes and and go all "you're like a big sister or smth", and I am trying my best to forget them:) I'm already deleted his number off my phone, but I can't bring myself to dlt the pics. though I lost the only gift he gave me which is a plushie for Christmas, the a**hole didn't even get me something for me b'day. haha. thanks your answer made me feel better about myself which is great

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  • Stop checking his Facebook. You are just dredging up all these bad feelings again. Time will help you get over him, especially since you are not stewing on him and going out and meeting other people.

  • Yadda beat me to it.

    In order to forget about someone or help ease the pain. You need to stop talking to them, stop seeing them as much as possible. This includes FB and text msgs. It will take time but the less often you check up on his fb or commune with him or see him the easier and faster things will get better for you

    May not be on your mind right now but meeting another guy will also help speed this up. But It appears you had grand feelings for your ex and don't want anyone else so it would be hard for you to let someone else in

    • youre sort of right with the grand feelings since he's my first serious crush and boyfriend and stuff. I can't not see them everyday, because those two even though they weren't in the same class as me, they came into my class every day, and in the new school year, I'm most likely going to be in the same class as them since we opted for a similar course.

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