How come breaking up gets harder?

If you trying to do things right in a relationship such as lead it to a breakup, why things still go wrong? I can't say " we thru" because this person has no place to go until December. Breaking up is the right thing to do because people think money will be the solution to everything these days. after a year of dating, things should improve between couples but some things always stay the same. I get tired of talking and I can no longer stay in my comfort zone. why doing the right thing is often hard? My ex boyfriend is still trying to get me back but I dumped him for this guy ?


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  • K wait I'm a little confused.

    Your ex is trying to get you back? Well that's because he loves you. It gets harder as you get older well because your more into your feelings when your older, then when your younger. Plus things mean more when your older, cause your maturing.

    If he's chasing you, its probably because he loves you. I hope he doesn't know about this new guy your dating. For that will only make this matter a lot worse. I think your just with this new guy to "fill your void" or missing your ex. Which is not right, cause your not actually getting over him. You just supplementing the hurt, but when your single again, you won't cry over this guy, you'll cry over the guy you hurt. Aka the guy who is chasing you.

    Yes you are right, money is a big thing, but those who stay with someone for "money" don't even love that person. There just there cause they just like the feeling of knowing that they have money, and most likely don't even have anything in common with the person there dating, so that's their loss. Money doesn't bring love/happiness, neither does materialistic things.

    Your question is like all over the place. You went from dong the right things lead to a break up, to why things go wrong? to I can't leave this other guy cause he has no home, to money, to something else after.

    You need to explain your question better.

    also, Why things still go wrong? Its either to make you guys stronger, or its to break you guys if you can't be strong and work through it.

    You need to learn to be single miss. Sorry, but then and only then will you find your true answers.

    • Oh and one more thing. Its easier when your younger, cause well your young and fell like you can find someone else. Where when you older. There aren't that many single people. Anyways. Good Luck.

  • It's always hard doing a breakup, whether it's for good reason or not.


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