Should I tell them both?

My mom and family has always thought highly of my ex boyfriend who I dated for 4 years. I broke up with him because we got in a big fight. He did cheat during our relationship and he wanted kids and marriage with me. I just never felt secure in the relationship because of this . One month before we broke up he was talking to someone else and I told him I wanted to see his phone. He deleted everything but I saw the womans name she was from Facebook. The year before that I saw that he was going to meet up with another woman from Facebook. He begged me not to leave him and I told him okay call her and let me spealk to her. I did and she told me they were just talking and that he wanted to meet up. Pretty much all this started to lower my trust in him. My family found out about all this and they told me to reconcile with him. Now I am just glad I never had kids with this man but now he has a new girlfriend. She is my sister's friend and feels she has found a great man. Should I tell her that he's a cheater. I feel absolutely bad seeing her think that he is a faithful man? My mom doesn't know about the second incident should I tell my mom even though she saw him as a great guy?


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  • I would recommend telling your sister's friend, but not necessarily your mother. The friend actually should know this, but your mother doesn't need to know.

    • Yes will see what happens. Why do you think my mom shouldn't know?

    • Since the information doesn't really concern her in any way now, she doesn't need to know. You CAN tell her, but at this point I'm not sure what good (or bad) it would do. She may also not believe you about him (this is one of those situations where I feel like it could go either way) and playing safe, you don't want to tell her so that she doesn't rag on you about it. She could also believe you and things could be better.

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