I've felt so distant from him lately.

There's this guy I'm friends with. We have known each other for a while because we go to school together, but over the past few months we have gotten really close. These past few weeks though he has been really distant. He hasn't been texting me near as often and doesn't seem as excited to be around me as he has before. To be honest before I have been feeling this great connection between us for a while and this spark and I always got really excited to be around him, but these past few weeks I just haven't felt that way. It's only been like two weeks so I'm trying not to make a big deal out of it, I understand friendships have rough patches, I just need some advice. What can I do to make him feel happier when he's around me or make that spark come back. Is there anyway I can make him feel less distant from me. I worry because it makes me feel like its something I've been doing, so I start to distance myself from him too when he does this. I just really want him to know that I care. Is there anything I can do for him to make HIM feel better around me or to better the situation?


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  • Dress very well and look very pretty try to turn him on if he's your botfriend and bring him a box of chocolates or doughnuts every now and then


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