Could this guy still be interested in me after all this time? Especially if I acted like this?

This guy from school was totally into me maybe 3 years ago, showing all signs of interest and stuff and I screwed up by acting all weird and shutting him down. We've never been on a date or even kissed, just flirting A LOT lol.

We stopped seeing each other at all because we had different schedules and we both dated other people, I think he's still seeing someone.

This semester we got a class together and I usually ignored him and he acted weird around me, like mad or something so I never had the courage to talk to him but always stare at each other with a serious look in our faces haha, until maybe 2 weeks ago, we were in class and I was playing with my hair out of boredom and he was staring at me so I smiled at him and he smiled back, after class he stayed close to where I was and we had a little conversation.

After that I've noticed he sits in a position where he can see me even if it's not looking at the professor and looks weird haha, I've noticed he tries to talk to me whenever he has the chance and stare at me a lot.

Do you think I still have a chance with him? school will be over soon and I already lost an opportunity with him by being all weird and serious towards him and not even saying hi because of stupid insecurities. I know for a fact that she finds me cute but do you think he could still be interested in something more? like at leas trying?

Would you give me another chance if you were him?


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  • Why did you do that ? Why did you shut him off ? I'm pretty tired of how girls expect guys to do everything, even to MAN UP if they get turned down, wag our tails like puppies when she shows signs, but learn to leave a girl that says NO alone.

    How would you feel if you liked someone, got your hopes high and then nothing happened?

    We have feelings too, so stop playing with him, or MAN UP and tell him you're interested.

    IF you'd confess, then maybe I'd give you a chance. But leaving me guessing and acting hot and cold, would just piss me off more.

    If you expect him to come to you and open up, then you're wrong, he won't... So lose those "stupid insecurities" and bring something to the table...

    Think that you might get him to break-up to the girl he's seeing now so don't fool around. I would actually forget about it if I were you.

    *yes, a girl played with me just like you did with this guy and she was the pissed one when I decided to back off completely; she was acting like I was the one that did her wrong. And now she's bitching waiting for me to contact her... yeah right !

    • Ok, so you're writting me what you would want to say to that girl right? I get you're mad and this is actually helpful to me if this guy feels the same way you do. Just to make things clear I didn't mean to play with him or hurt his feelings at all, I just was to afraid of getting mine hurt once again, so I did all those things unconsciously, and now looking in retrospect I know what went wrong, It's not like I did that on purpose. Would you give that girl another chance if she started...

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    • for the QA post: I'm angry at your behaviour. He's to blame for flirting with you? he might be left hangin again PLUS you should back off because he has a girlfriend. No I wouldn't give her a chance, I can't spend time with someone that hides from me. I was polite (and always will be) and answered her attempts of getting my attention after being played because I'm not just a guy. I'm mature enough to accept her confessing and not lash out at her. but she has no guts so no worries about her confessing.

    • for emailme: I understand the insecurities when trying to figure out if the other one likes you or you're just over thinking (everyone has them in one way or another), but at that point the guy makes it clear he wants you I stop understanding these insecurities. Instead of mumbling a NO, why not say YES... it's a serious blow for the one receiving this kind of treatment that's all I can tell.

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  • I think you definitely still have a chance with him. If he liked you before, he still likes you.

    • Thanks, I hope so haha.


    Im the same way with girls I like. I will try very hard to get to know them and talk/text communicate with them. When they turn me down or just make me feel unsure whether they like me equally as much as I like them, I just stop trying for them and usually lose interest. This kind of seems the case, but I don't think he has given up on you.

    However (in my opinion!)I don't like when girls take forever and keep guys on the edge as far as "does she like me", "should I ask her out". I think he really likes you , you should just ask him out, maybe he is just nervous, I know I would be thrilled and super excited if the girl I liked decided to ask me out

    Good Luck!

  • Just talk to him do yourselves both a favor that way.


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  • Yes, I would.


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