I want him back. Do I have a chance?

He and I worked together starting about a year ago. I had a crush on him the whole time and he had this on and off again girlfriend most of the time. Then my assignment at his office ended about 4 months ago and soon after he admitted he had a crush on me the whole time. I did too and we started dating. Everything was perfect and he was the sweetest and best guy ever.

Then about a month ago, he admitted that he was having some unresolved issues that I didn't quite get so we kinda cooled down. I called him once at this time and he said he missed me and he was having a hard time being away from me. The next time I saw him I thought everything would be okay. He said he thought it over and just couldn't do it. He said he had a long serious relationship that ended 5 years ago and it was still causing him issues. He said he didn't know why but it had ruined every relationship he had had since then. He said that hadn't happened with us yet but he was too scared to continue and it would hurt much more later if we did. He said something about "seeing how being friends goes" but I said no. I didn't want that and being friends was probably a bad idea but if he ever needed anything he could call. He said OK and I'd say it ended amicably. I still don't get it and I'm not sure if I believe him.

That was a week ago and I'm sad. Do I have any chance of him coming back?


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  • I would be skeptical too. I've been lied too before, and they tend to be tricky lies like that. It seems to me that you did your best. I would move on, honestly. I think I'm too good to wait for someone to realize what I'm worth. If he contacts you later asking for an honest date, just do what you feel like doing. Say yes if you want and no if you don't. And if he never calls you again, even better. Less for you to worry about. You sound like you want a real relationship. And you don't typically find those by hanging around guys like that. At least I didn't.


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