Is there any chance we'll be back together in time?

My boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me last week. Reason being, he's stressed out in college (it's his first year) and needs time for himself to get it straightened out, plus he's being pressured by his parents because of their high expectations and he doesn't think it's fair to me that he doesn't have time for me. He cried in my car about this all, and he's never really lied to me before, so I really believe he needs this. He told me he does love me and everything and there's no other girls he likes, and before I left him that night I said I hope he comes back and he told me he probably will. So I'm holding on to that.

During this time so far, he hasn't asked for his clothes back at all (I have like all his sweats, his favorite shirts, and his swim trunks), he's imitated contact once, and he's apologized randomly before for not talking to me lately because of how stressful things are there. And other than my good morning and good night texts, which he okayed me to do, I haven't been bugging him.

I still worry though. Do you think after his stresses lessen/go away he'll come back?


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  • hes in college he may or may not come back, it is his call and then yours if you decide to take a chance and wait.

    • I am planning to wait for him, I've told him that too. He had to wait for me this time last year, I can do the same for him.

    • k, I hope he realizes that

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  • That depends on if he continues to love you or not. That can change within the next couple of months or so. I was given some those reasons for why my ex wanted to break up with me and that's what ended up happening to me--he stopped loving me.

  • It really depends, if he's busy and stressed about college, he'll definitely put that as first priority. Give him some time and see if he's adjusting, if he isn't, maybe it's best to move onto someone else.

    • That's what I thought. So I'm waiting for him until he tells me otherwise, and he hasn't. And I know he would because of the kind of guy he is, so I'm taking that as a good thing. I'm thinking things will get better once finals come and go.

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