Was I wrong for what I said to him?

A guy I once dated and have known since age 10 is coming to town for thanksgiving. He recently moved to a city only 3 hours from me and we've been talking about trying a LDR with the possibility of me moving closer to him if things work out. The only reason they didn't work out the first time we dated was his company moved him 10 hours away unexpectedly. But now he's closer and we will see each other for the 1st time in 3 years. But I"m getting bored with him. Anytime I call, he rarely answers. And if I text, he usually answers with a "uhh huh" or "ok". This has been going on for 6 weeks. I"ve tried talking to him about it, and he doesn't get why this is bothersome to me and claims he is very interested in rekindling things with me.

Well tonight, I sent him a text and I got the same "ok" response. I had enough and called him right away, but he didn't answer. So in my VM, I told him " You are clearly disinterested in me and don't want to be bothered by me. Your wish is granted. I'm going out tonight with a guy friend who makes an effort to stay in contact with me and can hold a proper conversation with me. I'm so bored and frustrated with 'uhh and Ok' and I hope you will someday understand. Hanging out in 2 weeks is not going to happen now. I wish you the best."

Was that the right thing to do? I haven't heard from him and wonder how he feels.


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  • u did great,he is clearly not interested and you know it in your gut.


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  • Look any man who is not bothering himself with giving you the attention you deserve, is not worth your time.

    Move on, you did the right thing.


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  • He sounds like he isn't interested. Which after all this time. I think you deserved something more than a huh huhhh. Why didn't he answer. And you don't need to chase a guy doll that doesn't give you the time of day.


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