Does he even care, why would he react like this if he wanted to fix things?

My boyfriend dumped me last week after a misunderstanding. he seemed pretty convinced he was done. Before the week was up he wanted to fix things. he says he loves me. it was my uni grad this week and he didn't come because he said he didn't have time to plan for it. However, he didn't send me flowers. I told him this made me feel like I was unimportant to him and I needed some gesture before I got back together with him because I didn't feel secure since he has dumped me three times in the last month. He got angry saying he was going to get me a card and he can't afford flowers so deal with it. He also said wheres my gesture referring to me making one to him. He then said he didn't want to deal with my BS anymore and took off for the night.

I just don't know if he really cares for me. Why woud he come back if he dislikes me so much and has so much anger towards him. He said alls I do is criticize him just because I made that comment about feeling unimportant. Can someone explain why someone would react like this/treat me like this if they cared



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  • I know it's hard but you definitely need to move on. He's just toying with you. Perhaps to prevent it from getting serious. Or maybe he just enjoys it. Or he's just a headcase. Either way he doesn't care about you.

    Not many people would put up with getting dumped 3 times let alone in a month period and absolutely nobody should put up with it. Move on sweetheart there's no sense continuing to indulge his shenanigans.


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  • Why are you so concerned with what he wants and how he feels. What do you want, how does he make you feel?

    • he makes me feel like I'm not important to him

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    • because before this month I did feel important. I just wanted to get back to it

    • Doesn't sound like you are going to get that back with him. He's dumped you 3 times and runs away when you get upset. He's emotionally immature and unavailable. I'm sorry but that's my opinion.

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