I think he likes me, so what to do next?

He doesn't mind me standing close ( he never moves away), with others he's always move slightly away. With me he stands with hands in pockets but again with other is always with arms/ legs crossed. I catch him looking at me quite a few times. He never moves away when I touch him even fleetingly on his chest. We dance socially sometimes and the other week I was surprised to feel his hand lower than the small of my back but not a full on grope! The only time he kissed me it was on my twice cheek and the second one nearly on my lips. How do I get him to make the next move or will I have to do it myself?


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  • Well, if you're best friends and have been really close to each other since you were wearing diapers (no, not really), or maybe if you've known each other better than the others, it might not be love. But if that's not the case and you think that he's really head over heels for you, then go ahead and make the first move. It's the 21st century, and, seriously, let's give guys a break. They can't be the ones to make the first move always. Anyway, you can do it girl!


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