Who else has seen 'Before Midnight'?

I always feel sad and depressed after watching each of those movies. When I saw the first two like two years ago I saw them both back to back too. :o

Also, I was surprised when they said they weren't married. Isn't that weird? Why would he have two daughters with her and not be married after all that time together?

I don't know if I would go for a girl like that in real life. She seems like a really liberal French atheist... I like European women, but that's not exactly my type...


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  • I saw all three! loved it

    Their love for each other is just as real as anyone being labeled as a married couple. His first marriage didn't last either. So the real question is "does it matter to be married and have children?"

    I thought the movies analyzed human emotions and love at his rawest form.

  • Have not seen them. I will check it out some time.


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  • I've never seen those movies when were they made


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