Why do women not make the first move?

I've notice in every relationship I've always had to break the ice with the girl. Sure I've had girls send me hints that they are interested in me but nothing more. Why don't girls ask guys outs? Do they feel it is the guys responsibility? Do they want to feel wanted by the guy?
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  • Multitude of reasons.

    Some women are conditioned not to approach men.

    Women are told they are desperate/thirsty if they approach a guy.

    Some women have social anxiety and don't approach anyone.

    Some women my believe that men they find attractive are already taken.

    Some women may find him attractive, but not attractive enough to go after him.

    Some women may not be in the mood to socialize that day.

    Some women may have a fear of rejection.

    Some women may think that you are gay.

    Pick one.

    • can't it also be that the guy is too attractive and they are intimidated by him?

    • YES, that could fall under "Some women my believe that men they find attractive are already taken." and " "Some women may have a fear of rejection.".

      Women can find men too intimidating to approach.

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  • For me it's because I'm worried that the guy might be taken, or uninterested. I'm never sure that a guy is interested in me no matter how many signs he gives from afar.

  • Love all the answers I've read here so far. And agree with them. It's this romantic side of women that still exists to have a man court a woman. He makes the first move, he does the chasing..etc. because it is a known fact, that men can feel intimidated by confident strong minded women. Men like to have the thrill of the chase. To conquer what he wants badly. Men also like to feel needed, like the protector he is. Hense he enjoys chosing, hunting and catching his desired lady. No matter how the world looks at women and men, and how far women have come since the days of Leave it to beaver, when it comes to romance, family, and love, men like to be the ones who take charge of something. (We just let you think that :-) ).So don't be scared off if a beautiful strong confident lady approaches you and makes the first move.

  • yeah because we don't think you want to talk to us otherwise.


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  • be glad you are able to get a girlfriend in which you make the first move, do the approaching and asking out, breaking the ice, you have a really cute current girlfriend from looking at your photos, pictures, so I'm surprised you are asking this question, but at the same time I'm kinda glad you share the mindset that me and many other guys wish so as well, in which we wish more girls did the initiating in the beginning, why do you think I picked this username? because I get sick and tired, angry, frustrated, pissed off on how life and society expects us guys to toughen it up all the damn time regarding this, always being told to Man Up, Be a Man, grow a Pair, seriously, it makes me mad because you never hear people say to girls "Woman up, Be a Woman", it's like life and society has all of these rules which separate boys from men but not as to what separates girls from women

    • thats my sister not my girlfriend .. ha ha I'm just kidding. I just wanted to see some answers because in this day and age women are more liberal and yet they still want a knight in shining armor kind of thing.

    • yeah I agree with you, but be glad you are able to get some

  • Because they have no need to. Men ask out women. Therefore women already have options. Why would they need to risk feelings of rejection by asking someone out when they can just not bother and still go out with someone?

  • Their upbringing basically makes them that way.

    Guy is told to "save the princess"

    Girl is told to "wait for the right one."

  • A woman making the first move would be logical and way too simple, which goes against everything about women.


    Bitches be trippin :P

  • according to one guy he thinks it is because of their biochemistry to the most part and to a lesser extent, their conditioning


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