How can I know if he likes me or not? Will he make a move?

Every time he's back, I am confused of his behaviors, whether he likes me or not, he has not made a move. It has been about 3 years now. We rarely meet and even now probably once a month.I was angry when he's back today, so I did not pay attention much about him. Today at church, he seemed to want my attention, changed his face to a little grumpy, smiled to himself a lot after I walked back to my seat, and also seemed to walked in a hurry back with a bit grumpy face after walking pass by me when I looked down. When he walked pass by, I totally could hear his footstep. I am not sure if I looked at the signs too much, but my feelings were like that. :(

P.S. He's partying a lot lately, 21, seems immature. I don't know much about him, so still questioning about his personality.


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  • when guys show their emotions like that they either want you to talk to them or to leave them alone...if you really like this guy I would suggest talking to him to try and cheer him up. if you never try then you will never know.

    also try to get invited to some of those partys so you two can have some time to talk or run into each other there


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