That moment when you "need to get it together"?

I've been going through a tough time building the self control to power my way through College and finding my limits with alcohol now that I turned 21.

I recently had my moment when a couple bad falls during a drunken walk home messed up my back and luckily just left me a little bruised and sore. It helped me set up what I think are a good set of rules to avoid putting myself in that situation again and helping me in the long run.

However I am still having a hard time disciplining myself on studying. I know if I desired I could drop school and make great money in my current field as a sysadmin, also I hate taking classes and don't feel much of what I am doing is relevent.

To all those out there in this phase of independence or already having gone through it. How did you control your relationship with alcohol. And how would you advise someone to rally the self-control to make it through college.


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  • First fairly major one for me was the time I puked blood. Had been drinking for pretty much 3 weeks straight or so, got out of my job that was kind of causing it, kind of not. Came back home, some family gathering, downed a case of beer and then some in a couple hours, night was over, went to sleep on the couch. Kind of had the spins so I thought ah f***. Grabbed a bowl stepped outside, puked a couple times, sat there for a minute. Looked into the bowl, heh that's kinda dark. Flick my lighter on. Well...That's blood. Not talking mad retching for hours that made me tear my esophagus or something. Talking couple heaves, done. Probably about half a liter of blood with a couple chunks mixed in.

    That kind of freaked me out a bit, so I really cut back for a few weeks. Then over the following months I was downing a 40 pounder in a day.

    It really depends on why you drink in my experience. I did it because it was the only way I could be happy. Or more to the point not give a flying f*** about anything so I wasn't able to be miserable.

    I kind of straightened out and detoxed a bit since then.

    If you're doing it to party and be social, well I don't know what to tell you. If you're doing it because you can't live without it. Probably a good idea for some change.


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  • Umm... What's a sysadmin? But if doing that makes you happy I say go for it! But you should really think about staying in collage, some serious and life changing things happen when you're in collage. Not to be annoying or anything but think about your parent , how would they for their son to be a collage drop out? Keep study and stop drinking!

  • i don't know. I agree with asianbarbiedoll


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  • As a recovering alcoholic .. Reading this I see you wanting to quit school and just hope you manage your drinking through willpower !

    Hopefully you turn those two entity's around. I'm not labeling you an alcoholic nor know enough about you to make an assumption of a drinking problem in the relationship of needing to quit, however If drinking is causing issues will power to slow it or avoid situations when drinking WILL NEVER WORK..

    You are in school for your career which is the rest of your life you can handle the classes for now. yes some classes and subjects does seem irrelevant. But Dude that is not the answer to quit now, That's not what you really want. Some things in life are tough. By quitting who would show who's tougher?

    If I were you I would work on quitting drinking. Always know no matter when or how bad it ever gets when ever you are ready there will be available meetings with people ready to help, they have been in your shoes. They understand !

    Just know this self~control or will~power DOES NOT EXISTS when it comes to drinking !

    • thanks. I just got on after a while. The drinking was kind of a phase I grew out of few months or so ago. I still want to get out of school since I think going full time at work and self studying could get my the position I want and more fairly quickly but part of me knows if I suck it up and go all out I can get this degree over with

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