Issues with women and intimacy? URGENT!!

He is a very big weirdo. he's 33 years old and is a single father of a 5 year old daughter whom he loves very much. He seems to have many shades to his personality. Every shade of his personality clashes with another side of him.

He is quite attractive looking, has a lot of physical appeal and very fit and great. he's mega wealthy and quite famous. He has a standout personality and he's quite proud of his looks, his size and his abs or the amount of women he's had slept with.

He is a huge flirt and sleeps around with lots of women. Only hook ups or physical relationships. No commitment or relationship. He wasn't committed to his ex wife or any of his side girlfriends. Only got jealous about one younger colleague of his 2 years ago.

And he's quite proud when people call him a wh0reton or manwh0re. He likes to touch women and acts very smooth and flirty with them. And he can land any girl in bed with him in one day.

On the other side, he's pretty funny and witty sometimes. Playful and cracking jokes. But then he is quiet and looks preoccupied sometimes. Also he doesn't like people very much. And does not have many friends. Only 5 people at hometown and 2-3 male co workers and a girl best friend who is also his co worker but she's married.

Hes always alone and doing things by himself. He even sits at a movie hall where there are empty seats all around. Only on a few occasions he goes to burger stands or restaurants with his male colleagues. His ex has more than 30 people as her friends and knows more people. And was very sociable and party freak..

He also likes weird things like violent crime movies like Cannibal Ferox, Smoking Aces etc. He has a reputation of being a prick.

What type of man is he? Will he prefer a woman who is a homebody and not after his money, looks or sex?


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  • So he's talented, good looking, successful, funny, etc. You should be able to understand that all of that makes him comfortable with himself, thus why he is able to sit alone and not need nor want fake friends. He keep people close that are good to him, and the rest of the phony's, users, kiss asses, and jealous f***s are disposable thus why he doesn't keep them in his life. He's not antisocial, he's just selective and picky.

    He likes good looking women and can get them easily the problem likely is likely that those same women either 1) don't have the personality he's seeking or 2) are gold digging, fame struck, fake, users. When you're a highly desirable man you have a lot of options, and you've got a bulls eye painted on you for all the low life gold diggers and scummy women to chase you.

    Basically he needs to play himself down if he's ever going to meet some good girls that might be able to make him happy in the long run but won't be easy because he'll likely grow bored of girls that aren't on his level...

    • of his level means? all his hook ups are women with reputation of being 'sluts'

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    • if he meets his ex to meet his kiddo for holidays like Thanksgiving etc can it reunite him with his ex?

    • I suppose anything is possible, but that sounds more like a sacrifice to give his child some sort of sense of a normal home even though he doesn't want to spend the rest of the year with her.

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  • He's quite famous? He doesn't sound that weird. If you were a rich famous male and could sleep with any women of your choice you likely would not want to settle down. most guys want to sleep with a variety of women. he was married at one point but it didn't work out. no big deal marriage is not for everyone. why do you love this guy btw?

  • So basically, he's 33 but acts like he's a spoiled teenager.

    What type of man is he ? Someone who needs to grow up.

    • how is he acting like a spoilt teenager? and what's the issue with being alone and disliking pple?

    • Well he's just a consumer. Something new ? Neeeeeeed ! Waaaaant ! Gimmmeeeee !

      And then gets tired of the new toy, and throws it away.

  • "...he's mega wealthy and quite famous."

    How is he famous? Is he a movie star?


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  • he sounds like the type no woman could tame,i would run far away

  • It's kind of hard to tell what type of women he prefers. He just likes to have fun. Some men aren't settle down material and even though he has so much going for himself, he might be one of those type. I wouldn't pursue him because he wouldn't give you the attention that you would like to have. Men who have people constantly boosting their ego and know that they can get pretty much any women that want, they don't necessarily boo-hoo over them. To be honest, he sounds like a narcissist. These type of people only have short-term relationships and gas up over compliments all day long. Most of the time, these people are loners and have huge egos. If you decide to pursue this guy, it will most likely just be a sexual relationship.

  • who cares what he wants? he sounds like a crazy sociopath. I think you have posted this question before, why do you care about this man?


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