Why does my ex-gf act flirty around me, ALL the time?

So my ex-gf, girlfriend, whatever the situation is, always acts flirty with me. We've been together essentially for 2 years. We broke up twice (currently on the 2nd break up) because she's coping with a lot of things and she doesn't want to feel like a failure because she can't give her all to a relationship right now. She's losing the first person in her family which is the 1st time death is coming into her life, coupled with the stress of school, and a career she hates.

So we broke up, I've been playing it extremely cool. She was supposed to go out with her friends Friday night, instead she calls me for 2 hours, acts all lovey dovey, calling me nick names, saying how cute I am, etc.

Saturday she wants to hang out. We go run some of my errands, hit up a movie, and have dinner. The whole time she's holding my hand, looking at me with that lustful eye, and being cute. In the movie she laid on me placed my arm over her chest and held my hand. At the restaurant she insisted that I sit next to her, again holding my hand, and sitting extremely close to me. Upon getting back to my place I walk her to her car. Upon saying good bye she smacks my butt, and gives me a super long hug good bye, again looking at me with lust. I didn't make a move because she said she wants to be friends right now and also I had to be up at 4 am to do a fundraiser.

My question is, is she dropping signals that she wants to be with me again? Furthermore, on Sunday she texted me with the cute talk as well as not wanting me to go when she called the two times and I was in the middle of doing something. I feel like she intentionally tries to screw everything up so she can "chase" me again. However, I have told her that I am not into playing children's games. I also should say she suffers from clinical depression and anxiety.

What should I do? I truly do love her. She's my best friend, my confidant, my rock, my life. She is the only woman I've ever truly been open with and didn't feel as if she wanted anything from me but my love. Simply put it, I want her back but I want her for good. Thanks in advance.


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  • She's doing this because you're giving into her games and you're letting her have her cake and eat it too. If you love her, you have to let her realize whether she really wants to be with you or not. She won't be able to do that having you 100% around at her convenience. Sometimes, girls need to see a guy doing okay without them to realize that they had a good catch. I'm not saying go hook up with girls, but at least go out and have some fun with friends for a while.


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  • Shes still miss you.

  • well she is still into you obviously.


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  • Obviously she wants to be with you.

    Sitting next to each other at a restaurant? Just you two? Weird lo

    Either way, she still has feelings for you. She still wants to be with you.

    But she should also know that going rough issues is not an excuse to break up with someone. Either she's all in or nothing. F she wants another break than you should make it for good


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