Guys: What do you do after you dump a girl?!

We only dated for 3 months, were not in love or anything but I would say pretty comfortable around each other. We were each others first boyfriend and girlfriend and it seemed to bother him a lot that when we got drunk at parties we did not get along too well (jealousy or got feisty with each other) any way he started to text me shorter so I asked him what was wrong (over the course of 2 days) and he finally said he was super stressed with taking over his landscaping business all by himself and that he just couldn't have a girlfriend at the moment. It was a nice breakup and I don't hate him at all! but he even told his friends he was just so stressed so I really believe him. Anyway, since he broke up with me kind of out of nowhere I am here wondering why and thinking about him constantly...has he even thought about me? does he/ will he miss me at all? How do guys think after a breakup especially this short of one...I just want him to be reminded of me and think of me/miss me like I miss him :( this sucks.


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  • I've never broken up with a girl personally... But I can tell you that if someone breaks up with you it'll be for a reason. Often they'll instantly move on and look for someone else, honestly I don't see stress as a valid reason for breaking up with someone. If anything I'd be hoping that they can bear with me through it, or if I thought it could end the relationship I'd tell her and we'd work on it. I'd definitely not end the relationship for what 'may' happen... I'm going to try and save it any way possible.

  • After I dump a girl I try to move on by getting with other girls


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