My boyfriend isn't over a bad break-up that ended 15 years ago..

We have been together 6 years now. But he is STILL not over a break up that ended when he was in high school. This girl was his first love, they did wrong on both parts and she ended it. He vowed to never treat women the same, never treat them as good as he did to her because it would just lead the way to a break up.

So I try to not let it bother me, I try to make him see that I am not her and that doing nice things for me wasn't gonna cause us to lose each other. He told me that I taught him to love again, but the way he treats me...I know he still holds his high school relationship at heart and it controls what he does and how he is for me. What can I do?


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  • He needs professional counselling to help him close those past chapters of his life.


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