Is it possible for us to be together, if not now, sometime in the future?

I'm referring back to an EX of last year, in a previous question asked again last year.

My question is he came back, we didn't go out but we remained friends and have now become something more than, but it's not official.

My question is even though he went away to have training done as an LVN/RN that he knew he'd be there over a year, why did he keep in contact?

From our history together, he normally doesn't bother with texting/calling me, I normally have to initiative some form of casual contact, between 1-4weeks. And by a miracle get a reply within 2months.

I'm confused, he keeps texting me, wants to spend more time with me and even wrote a song for me. Says he misses me and compliments my photos, and has a keen interest in what I'm up to, seems a lot more talkative about his life and what he gets up to and it's kinda scaring me.

I don't want to assume anything or carry a misjudgement of the situation, but is it possible he 'like-likes' me or is he just being friendly?

Bear in mind I still have feelings for him, I just don't want to go through the same heartbreak again...because even though it wasn't a bad breakup, it still hurt alot.

Also if this is what it may, or may not indicate, do you think it's possible that we'd have a chance at becoming more than friends?

Thank you for all your advice and comments it's greatly appreciated :D

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I was played for a fool in the end...what seemed like bliss now is an eternal scar of deception, 5 months later it still hurts to have left everything behind, including my country and home to be finally happy, just to have my feelings and soul crushed to see another person in his arms, promising her everything he told me. I feel stupid and betrayed and no matter how much you go about my life, I'm still trying to forget, burn and let go of the fact that once again I let him in just to hurt me...
Is it possible for us to be together, if not now, sometime in the future?
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