Will girls quickly stop liking a guy?

This girl was really into me at the start like touching my arm and back and always saying hi when we see each other. I started liking her and talked to her more than usual. Eventually she wanted to hangout and we did a couple of times together. She asked for my number and everything seemed great. But, she went cold on me for about a week and then came up to me and wanted to come support me at my wrestling tournament in a month.

I texted her about it the weekend before we were supposed to go and she ignored it and didn't even wish me luck either. Now it's been two weeks and we still see each other but we just pass like we've never met. I don't understand because she seemed to really like me and excited to hangout with me more, but not anymore.


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  • Honestly she sounds young to me. She might have had expectations of what you'd do if you liked her and when she didn't see what she thought should be the signs I'd say she got hurt and now is trying to pretend it doesn't matter.

    For me when I was younger? If I hung out with a guy I'd be to give him a chance to ask me out. If he didn't I'd be unsure of what to do next. I'd try again then if he didn't ask again I would get miffed and scared that he only saw me as a friend.

    As you get older you realize that it's your own lack of self worth that creates a problem so I learned to simply be direct and say "I like you, I want to see you a lot and play with you. What do you think?' Thing is if its a rejection that comes you have to understand that's their fear not yours.

    Ultimately she might feel embarrassed and like she got friend zoned or she might have met someone else and not know how to tell you. Either way if you like her open your mouth and say so before someone beats you to it.

    Good luck.


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  • Maybe she got Interested in another guy

  • i think you missed your chance and she found another person that gives her what she wants.


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  • She met someone else. Sorry man.


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