Can some explain to me what AR 608-99 means when you actually get divorced?

I have read and re-read the army regulation 608-99 because I am in the middle of a divorce and she is close to signing the divorce settlement but wants the part in our settlement to be removed for her rights to 608-99 to be waived. What will this mean for me if her right for AR 608-99 are not waived and she gets those rights? I am talking about after the divorce is final? We have only been married since 2012 so its not that long I shouldn't owe her any support as we have no kids. any help please


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  • I think that if you have any questions regarding the legal matters of divorce you should seek the help of a lawyer as any information given on here might not be very reliable because we are from all over the world and so are used to very different laws. Please seek legal advice in your own state - there are probably agencies which will provide this sort of advice in your area.


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