Why do guys play games?

he stood me up this weekend...told me last mint. some family emergency...BS I know...so I kinda text and teased him over the weekend...today he text me and I didn't get back to him...(which is normal, it takes us hr. to few hrs. to get back)..so he called me after he didn't hear from me..

asked about my day what I was doing...how my weekend went...if I was coming home from a date...i teased why he wants to know...

so I said if he stands me up this coming weekend, I will not see him again...he asked if I am challenging him and if I met someone and that I am breaking up with him...i said, yeah...lots of guys waiting for me...we are not even together..what is there to break up...i told him I don't like to play games...

i guess I sounded hurt there...but why is he playing with me?...i am assuming he has someone else

i siad all that because I am okay to end this...i don't like what's going on...


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  • from what I get, you teased too much/far/wrongly, he got offended/insecure, & he missed one admittedly wrong-reason date. are you sure he's dating other girls? try to give him a fair hearing re dating other girls, & consider another date.

    otherwise, if you're not happy with the relationship/'thing' you guys have, probably is a sign to end it. Follow Your Heart; but give him a chance.

    good luck


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  • you are dealing with a douche bag. I hate when my friends treat relationships and flings like a game. they do not care about the chick. somehow, being an a**hole makes womens' panties fly off.

    you deserve better.

    • so my intuition is right that he is playing games with me?

      and from the few things I explained from above, that he is playing with me?

      cause he told me he has to go home (3 hrs. away) for the weekend on Friday...we were supposed to meet Friday...then I noticed he was around the weekend...

    • yes that's right. he's up to no good.

      ... and I would take that as a very bad sign if you knew he was still in town.

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  • OH MY GOSH! wtf is wrong with ppl? he likes drama.. he's a drama king lol ;)

    • well...i think he is guilty or not trust me because he lied to me so he is suspicious of me...

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    • yeah...thanks...good night...you are learning a lot from here :)

    • i know righ ;)

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