An ex that struggles to tell you how he feels?

So I dated a guy for 6 months, we broke up about a month ago. I basically lived with him for about 4 of those months and at the end, we even went on holiday with each other for a week.

The reason I broke up with him was because he got very angry whilst we were on holiday and it scared me. To be fair, I was mean to him and we were both responsible for the argument but I instantly broke it off with him.

We got back home, we gave each other our stuff back and are fine casually chatting on Facebook. I went round to his one night to return a book and asked him how he felt about us, he said he didn't know. He never really was one to express how he felt.

Now I realize I want him back but don't want to be rejected. To make matters even weirder, he ended up getting another hamster (I have the original hamster that I bought but was living at his when we were living together). Is this any sign that he misses us or did he just get attached to a hamster?

His friends still all talk to me especially two of his best friends that even seem to chat to me more than they do to him. I think our problem was me living at his, very quickly and me pretending to like things he liked so he would go on and on about them and then I'd be like can you shut up about fantasy football etc?

Is it worth giving it a second chance and is there any way I can help him communicate with me? He says his family are all really private but you have to open up to someone right?


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  • If you want to give it a second chance, then I see no reason why you shouldn't try. You might get rejected. But is that really worse than not trying? Because the result ends up being the same. But maybe he will want to try as well. Just try to talk to him. Tell him how you feel. If you want someone to put themselves out there, you have to be willing to do the same. Worst case scenario, your feelings aren't reciprocated. At least then you'll know, and can move on.

    • I tried and he didn't feel the same way and now we're not even talking at all. My own fault for admitting my feelings as at least we were talking online before but now I can get over him.

    • I'm sorry it didn't work out, but at least now you know. Good luck.

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  • You might not b the person tha he will open up to. But for sure the anger part is not something you need so why not go on to someone else?

    • I'm currently living the single life for the first time properly in 3 years, before that I usually found someone new within a few weeks so never really had to deal with getting over someone.

  • You broke up with him because of a small argument, right?

    • I ended it over an argument where he got overly aggressive but my reasons behind the break up weren't solely that - he got scary when he was drunk, he was overly competitive and sometimes made people feel bad for this, his best friends don't even like him when he puts on this a**hole persona where he thinks of himself as always right and the best at everything. We also didn't share very many interests and I found myself compromising in a lot of areas in life including money matters.

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