Did he just use reverse psychology to break off things?

or was he just insecured?

two saturaday ago, I went out and text him for help..he text back saying can't, sorry...i was like wtf...i said, can you call? no call...next day tried to be caring...saying...oh..everything okay? what happened? I called, did your phone ring? (he didn't call)

so we were supposed to meet this past weekend...last minute gave me family emergency had to go away...i know he lied, he didn't go away.

i didn't get back to his text yesterday daytime...by night, he called asked if I was out on a date...and if I don't like him anymore and if I am breaking up with him...i was like what is there to break when we are not even together...and that I have lots of guys waiting around the block lol...

him insecure? or used reverse physicology on me?


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  • I don't know. A couple years ago, while in college, I did have a family emergency (or, at least, that's what I told her). My dog died who I had for 11 years died, and I had to drive an hour and a half back to my parents, bury him, and then drive back, so I did have a real situation and really had to cancel on what would have been our first date. Well, she pretended to be understanding at first, but she ultimately seemed to have emotional problems and didn't believe me. Anyway, it's possible that he could have had a real situation; but, yeah, he seems a bit insecure.


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  • What a lot of drama. If he's not cutting it, just stick with these other guys.


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  • He was playing with you. & then when you didn't answer his text, he got nervous that you didn't care and that he'd pushed you too far. Minus mentioning all the guys you have around, your answer was perfect. If he's not going to treat you like a girlfriend, and you're not even really together, he has no right to break off plans with you in that manner, and then question if you're on a date.

  • It is possible that he had a real emergency but otherwise he still seems really insecure and not really committed to the relationship. I would suggest that you find someone better able to put in the effort, especially when you needed help.


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