We were together 9 years and broke up.

After 9 years he decides he doesn't want to be with me anymore,he says we are never getting back together but then says 9 years is a long time we don't know how we will feel,we still talk once a week and he still pays my phone bill and sends me money every week,he says he hates himself for how he did me and that he is not happy because of what happened and I told him no one was worried about my happiness and he said he knew one person who was and it was him,we now live in different states what kind of breakup is this


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  • First of all, you need to make him stop paying your bills for you if he wants to break up with you and let him go. If he comes back then great but you don't want to hold onto him using finances. Otherwise the first woman he meets who doesn't make him pay will cause him to leave permanently.

    Secondly, you need to start preparing yourself to start dating other people instead of holding onto someone who's jaded. He lives in another State. You need to date other people. You could end up finding someone new who you like even more. Also, if he finds out that you are getting on with your life and dating other people instead of being an anchor weighing him down he may come to appreciate that other people will want you if he is willing to carelessly give you up.

    Bottom line is that you should be the one to break things off and get on with your life before he does.

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  • WISHY WASHY TYPE! Man up, girl, shyt.. have you no pride? You should be like.. OKBUHbye.

    Pay your own way! Stop using him for money just because you're still friends!

    This sounds so "medium", so "luke warm", I could vomit. How depressing.

    Take a stand and end this!

  • i think he just wants you but also wants to find someone else where he lives.


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