Guys, if you feel so annoyed by your ex-girlfriend that you now have started to ignore her, why?

- don't you delete her off the social networking websites (and even block her)?

- don't you change your phone number?

- do you still read the messages she sends to you?

The breakup happened a couple of years ago(you were the dumpee)


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  • Unless she still wants to be friends I make zero contact with her

    • So..that means you would be totally ignoring her so that at some point,you guys could be friends?

    • It depends how we break up if she cheated on me I am done with her no chance to be friends. Ift's another reason I will give them a chance to explain why they did it and if it is.

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  • I dumped a girl that cheated on me and asked another girl out.

    She was so furious that she threatened to run me over with her car.

    • I forgot to mention that she threatened me over the internet, which I didn't block her because I wanted to see if she threatens me with more serious stuff.

  • does it really matter?


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